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The diminished size is designed to help new riders and equines see the obstacle as an easy jump; not so big and intimidating as obstacles with tall standards.  We designed these at the request of our trainer daughter-in-law to help ease the fears of  her beginner customers.  People and Horses!  She says they have really helped ease her riders into jumping. They also make her day go a little easier, she says, because they are very light and easy to maneuver.

Sold in Pairs.

38″ high X 24″ wide
Two options for jump cups:  Drilled Holes for Safety First Jump Cups with pins                                                                                      OR  Pinless Track made for Pinless Jump Cups.

Cups not included.  Ship preassembled except for feet and caps.

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Jump Cups

Drilled Holes for Safety First Jump Cups, Pinless Track for Pinless Jump Cups


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